Lectures and classes by Morpheous are suitable for:

  • Human Sexuality courses and Psychology & Social studies
  • Safer sex presentations, LGBT organizations
  • Sexual diversity studies programs
  • Undergraduate orientation week
Looking behind the curtain: Demystifying BDSM power play and Kinky sex

Kinky sex has become one of the largest explorative sexual practices in the early 21st century. Studies indicate that 25-35% of adults engage in some form of sexual play that explores a power dynamic. This lecture focuses on demystifying and demonstrating some of the exciting aspects of kinky sex and BDSM power play. From determining what you want and how to safely get it, communication, he walks the audience through self awareness for likes and dislikes as well as understanding the context of pain and pleasure. Looking at the history of the kinky sex movement with fetishistic examples and the investigation of the mainstream cross over, Morpheous opens this taboo subject and looks at the common meeting ground for practicing BDSM etiquette so that all participants can use the framework of Safe, Sane and Consensual to scaffold their interests and desires in a healthy and positive way. Demonstrations and discussion of some of the equipment gives the audience a chance to understand this subculture in a tactile way.

Pornography: From art to porn and back again, a study of the influence of Kink on the arts and society

This lecture focuses on the dynamic tensions between the arts and society and how each has influenced the changing perceptions of Kink over the past 120 yrs and into the 21st century. How did we go from French Impressionist paintings to online live pornographic web streaming and what does it mean for our future? From Manet to Hustler, from Modernism to online pornography, this lecture investigates and traces the creation and consumption of erotic images between "high art" and "low art" through the most prolific time period of printed media to online content the tension that is created within this dichotomy.

Love makes the world go ‘round: Investigating the strengths and challenges of Polyamory

In the 21st century more and more citizens are turning towards Polyamory to explore and express their sexual and emotional needs and desires. Especially those that is associated with marginalized and alternative communities such as BDSM and Swinger's groups. This lecture gives insight into how it has functioned in the past and what it brings to contemporary and alternative social relationships; how the participants use it, make it work and the challenges associated with it.

Understanding alternative sexuality's emergence of communities in the 21st century

As the internet and social networking sites develop into the 21st century, many more people are engaging in sexual practices that were previous considered marginalized or unusual. New emerging subcultures and organizations which have a shared interest in sexual practice have grown from the underground and fringes up to pushing the edges of mainstream society because of internet access. People from all socio-economic classes are part of these new and emerging communities that share their own customs, nontraditional relationship structures, vocabulary and sexual practices. In this presentation geared towards safer sex workers, mental health professional or therapist, I discuss and highlight the risk behavior of current alternative sexual communities and their vocabulary and structure to help you understand and better serve your client and patients' needs.