For singles and couples looking to take a walk on the wild side but questioning where to begin, How to be Kinky offers the perfect starting place. Instead of emphasizing techniques and clinical issues, it takes a more practical approach, with advice on finding a scene, negotiating kinky play with a partner, maintaining boundaries, kinky uses for common household objects, and the proper protocol at fetish events, as well as the basics of BDSM play and role-playing. You can buy the book here.

Publication Date: March 13, 2012

How To Be Kinkier is the essential guide to the next step of your journey into BSDM. While the first book in the series covered questions such as "What is kink?" and "What simple ‘toys' can make things hot and interesting?", this follow-up manual goes even further and asks the question "How kinky can you get?".You can buy the book here.